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I lived on the same block as frank and he had this 4 person ferris wheel in his back yard. You could only use this if you would check in at the back door of his home and he or his wife would unlock the chain and you were in good standing with them. The seats were old tractor seats and it was the greatest. Frank took several pictures of me and my brother over the years. I was July 4th. Queen in 1957 and I also attended Maple Grade School,Lincoln, Junior High, and La Porte H.S. and quit in 1958 before I would Graduate the following Jan.


It was this time of year in 1958 that I walked into Mr. Peases' studio to have my picture taken. I had just received my nurses cap. Oh, how the memories came flooding back when I saw that picture taken so many years ago. Hard to believe that out of over 18,000 photos, 2 pictures of me would be included in your book. Thank you

Pam Jones

Hello, I just want to say that I attended grade school at PARK SCHOOL in Laporte. I think I started 1st. grade in 1955, and attended through 6th. grade. Does anyone reading this remember me. Our class pictures were by Pease Studio. I had a brother name John Jones, he was a year older than me. Also a half brother named Tom Henson. dirtpyle2k@yahoo.com
Thanks, Pam Jones

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